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    Table Model i-107P-BOOM-ESD – Static Control i-Frame Workbench w/ Overhead Boom

  • RDM-A-109P-TALL-LWRFULL-CSTR-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model A-109P-TALL – RDM Flat Top Tall Table

  • F-103PDL-LT-TILT-90-01 Tilt Top Light TableInfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103PDL-LT-TILT – Tilt Top Light Table w/ Overhead Light Boom

  • F-103PDL-LTInfoSelect options

    Table Model F-103PDL-LT – Illuminated Top Light Table w/ Overhead Boom

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    Table Model F-103PDL – Workbench with Overhead Utility / Light Boom

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    Table Model F-107P – Adjustable Main Work Surface & Upper Shelf

  • FR-104P-SP-RT4-CSTRSInfoSelect options

    Table Model FR-104P-SP
    – Flow Rack Shelf Workstation w/ Split Shelving

  • FR-104P-ADJWIRE-4S-01InfoSelect options

    Table Model FR-104P
    – Flow Rack Shelf Workstation

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    Table Model H-105P – Large Inspection Workbench with Overhead Light / Utility Boom

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    Table Model i-107P-BOOM – Adjustable Height i-Frame Tech Workbench w/ Adjustable Upper Shelf

  • Double-Sided Workbench T-101PInfoSelect options

    Table Model T-101P – Double-Sided Workbench with Adjustable Tops & Upper Shelves

  • Double-Sided Workbench T-101P-CSTR-GREY01InfoSelect options

    Table Model Ti-101P – Double-Sided Workbench with Hydraulic Lift & Adjustable Upper Shelves

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RDM Industrial Products has been manufacturing large tables / oversized workbenches for over 30 years.  We offer a wide range of table styles and materials, tailored to meet your specific needs.  Our typical table construction consists of a polyurethane (just as durable as powder-coating when fully cured) or powder-coated (optional) fully welded steel frame with sealed laminated top(s).

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A Few More Large Table Samples: